Evidence-based training advice for fighters & coaches in MMA

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Designed by Dr. Jason Gillis, our articles and training programs apply scientific concepts in practical and innovative ways to build powerful fighters. If you apply these concepts, you’ll be motivated to train all year-round, and you’ll develop a level of endurance that will allow you to perform at a high intensity over the course of a whole round, and a whole fight. You’ll be watching your opponent gas-out right in front of you.

About Dr. Gillis

Dr. Jason Gillis is an Associate Professor working in the Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Sport & Movement Science, at Salem State University. Jason Teaches courses in human applied physiology and research methods, and supervises student research. An environmental physiologist by training, Jason has a research interest in the influence of menthol on human temperature regulation, perception and performance. Jason completed his B.Sc (Hon) in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University in Canada, and went on to complete his Masters at KU Leuven University in Belgium, and at the Norwegian School of Sports Science in Norway. He completed his Ph.D. in England at the University of Portsmouth as part of the Research and Innovation Team at UK Sport in the run up to the Beijing and London Olympic Games. Whether as a scientist, athlete, or coach, Jason is passionate about sports. He has a background in mixed martial arts and a particular interest in the Science of combat sports.

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