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Cardio Equipment

Unleash Your Full Potential with Body Action System X2 – The Ultimate Home Boxing Trainer!
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MMA Gear

Unleash Your Full Potential with Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves – Designed for the Modern Warrior

Resistance Training

Maximize Your Workout Efficiency with PowerBlocks – The Ultimate Adjustable Dumbbells
Elevate Your Lifting Game with the CAP Olympic Bar – Precision and Durability for Serious Lifters!
Achieve Your Strength Goals with CAP Benches – Stability and Comfort for Every Workout!

Performance Testing & Monitoring

Optimize Your Performance with the Advanced Lactate Analyzer – Precision at Your Fingertips
Transform Your Lifestyle with the Ultimate Smart Watch – Technology That Keeps You Connected and Fit!

Recovery & Specialty Training Equipment

Maximize Healing with Our Comfort-Fit Ice Pack Holder – Targeted Relief Where You Need It Most
Experience Instant Relief with Biofreeze – for Pain Management!
Take Your Training to New Heights with Our Elevation Training Mask – Breathe Better, Perform Better!
Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with Our Premium Foam Roller – Smooth, Effective Myofascial Release!