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Step-by-Step Guide to Goal Setting (Free)

Creating and setting compelling goals is absolutely necessary for your success, but most fighters don’t take a formal approach to goal setting because they’ve never done it before and they don’t know how, so Dr Jason Gillis and The MMA Training Bible have put together an online video course to show you how.

The Bioenergetics of MMA (Free)

Dr Jason Gillis and The MMA Training Bible will teach you how your body powers the repeated high intensity efforts that dominate MMA. When you understand this, not only will you appreciate why you fatigue or gas-out in the cage, but you’ll know how to bring about specific metabolic adaptations and optimize your performance on fight day.

Lectures in Exercise Physiology (Free)

If you're interested in anatomy and exercise physiology, this is the place for you. Here Dr. Gillis will explore topics ranging from how muscles work to basic functions of your blood. 

The Science of MMA ($)

In this course you will learn everything you want (and need) to know about the Science of MMA.

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