​In the Science of MMA course led by Dr. Jason Gillis, various critical factors influencing MMA performance are explored. This comprehensive program delves into essential aspects such as technique, skill, tactics, flexibility, psychology, nutrition, strength, power, agility, and endurance. Emphasizing the importance of proper training and coaching, the course also addresses goal setting, the interplay of anaerobic and aerobic endurance, and the optimal pacing for a fight. The series progresses through detailed sessions covering the metabolic demands of MMA, targeted workout strategies for endurance, muscle structure and function, explosive strength, power, muscle endurance, overtraining prevention, flexibility optimization, periodization, and a testing battery for physical and mental assessment. ​The course offers an in-depth understanding of MMA training, both in theory and practice, tailored to enhance the athlete’s performance effectively. ​

Session 1 – ​Metabolic Demands of MMA

​This session will explore energy metabolism basics; The ATP-PCr system; Anaerobic glycolysis; Aerobic energy metabolism; How energy systems work together.

Session 2 – ​Building Unstoppable Endurance

​In this session you will learn about Low vs. High intensity training, movement patterns, and how to train the different energy systems (workouts included!)

Session 3 – ​Muscle Structure & Function

​In this session you will learn about basic muscle structure & function; muscle fibers; factors influencing strength & power; adaptations to strength and power training.

Session 4 – ​Building Explosive Strength & Power

​In this session you will learn about training principles; exercise selection; exercise order; training frequency; training load and repetitions; training volume; rest periods. Download our guide to resistance training today!

Session 5 – How to Avoid Over-Training

​In this session you will learn how your body responds to training; over-training signs and symptoms; reducing the risk. Download our training Log template today!

Session 6 – ​Warm-ups & Flexibility

​In this session you will learn all about Warm-ups; Maximizing flexibility with minimal stretching. Download our stretching techniques guide today!

Session 7 – ​Periodization in MMA

​In this session you will learn Key concepts in periodization; The art of periodization; The science of periodization; the structure of a fight plan.

Session 8 – ​Performance Testing in MMA

​In this session you will learn how to implement tests for Psychological skills and mood; Body size and composition; Flexibility; Muscular power, strength, endurance; An/aerobic performance, and Sport-specific performance.