Learn how to build a training program that aligns with your fight schedule, whether it’s in 3, 4, 6, or 12 months away. With expert guidance from Dr. Jason Gillis and The MMA Training Bible, each tailored program will ensure you’re at your best when fight day arrives. Don’t wait—select the perfect program for your timeline now and start your journey towards peak performance in the cage! What’s more, these courses are completely free!

3-Months to Unstoppable Endurance

This program, focused on elevating your MMA endurance to its highest level in time for your fight in 3-months, is not just a set regimen but a framework for you to build your own personalized plan.

4-Months to Unstoppable Endurance

Embark on a four-month journey to elevate your MMA endurance, culminating in peak performance for your upcoming fight in 4-months. This program offers more than a fixed routine; it’s a flexible framework designed for you to create a tailored training plan that suits your unique needs.

6-Months to Unstoppable Endurance

This six-month program is your pathway to reaching the pinnacle of MMA endurance, perfectly timed for your fight that is 6-months away. It’s not just a prescribed set of exercises; it’s an adaptable structure that allows you to craft a personal training strategy that aligns with your specific goals

12-Months to Unstoppable Endurance

Learn how to build a comprehensive, year-long program aimed at boosting your MMA endurance to its highest level for your fight. Rather than following a rigid schedule, this program provides a versatile foundation, empowering you to develop a customized plan that resonates with your individual training style and objectives