The Bioenergetics of MMA


Embark on an enlightening journey into the heart of Mixed Martial Arts and exercise science with " The Bioenergetics of MMA," a dynamic course presented by Dr. Jason Gillis and The MMA Training Bible. This engaging ten-part video series is designed to enhance your understanding of the body's energy systems in high-intensity MMA combat. Delve into the science of energy production, from anaerobic bursts to sustained aerobic efforts, and learn how to tailor your training for peak performance. Discover why high-intensity interval training surpasses traditional methods, gain insights into effective periodization, and master the tactics to combat fatigue during intense fights. Perfect for anyone aiming to elevate their MMA skills, this course is a gateway to optimizing your fighting prowess. Start watching now and transform your MMA training approach, unlocking new levels of endurance and strength in the cage. In the first video, you will be introduced to the course, and learn where it fits into your overall MMA performance.

Session 1 - Basics of Energy Metabolism

This session will explore 1) how energy is derived from food, 2) what the currency of energy in the human body is 3) how energy powers muscle contraction, 4) how to generate energy, and 5) how energy systems in the body work together to power your performance in the cage.

Session 2 - Power Production

In session 2 you will learn 1) the characteristics of the high-power producing ATP-PCr system, 2) how the system works, 3) training objectives to maximize power, 4) performance adaptations, and 5) fatigue when you’re working at a high intensity.

Session 3 - The Burn

Session 3 covers 1) the characteristics of the system that allows you to perform at a prolonged high intensity: anaerobic glycolysis, 2) how the system works, 3) training objectives, 4) performance adaptations, and 5) fatigue when you’re working for a prolonged period at high intensity.

Session 4 - Unstoppable Endurance

In this session you will learn 1) the characteristics of systems that allows you to perform at a repeated high intensity over a whole fight, 2) how aerobic energy systems work, 3) training objectives, 4) performance adaptations, and 5) causes of fatigue when you’re working at a repeated high intensity for a whole fight.

Session 5 - VO2max

You will learn about 1) maximal aerobic fitness, 2) the factors that influence maximal aerobic fitness, and 3) how maximal aerobic fitness influences performance

Session 6 - The Anaerobic Threshold

Session 6 will teach you how your breathing rate can indicate which energy system you’re working, and how this relates to your performance.

Session 7 - High Intensity Interval Training

In session 7 you will consider the 1) pros and 2) cons of low intensity training, and 3) why high intensity interval training is recommended to enhance MMA performance.

Session 8 - Targeting An Energy System

In this session you will 1) learn all about the factors that influence how to target an energy system, including, 2) movement pattern, and learn how to target each energy system. You will be given specific example workouts that target each energy system.

Session 9 - Periodization in MMA

Session 9 introduces you to 1) periodization in MMA, 2) the structure of a fight plan, and be introduced to, 3) the general preparatory phase, 4) the fight-specific phase, 5) the fight camp, 6) the taper, and 7) the transition.

Session 10 - MMA Endurance

In session 10 you will learn how to 1) best develop endurance in MMA across all phases of the fight plan. Specific workouts will be provided for 2) the general preparatory phase, 3) the fight-specific phase, 4) the fight camp, 5) the taper, and 6) the transition. Finally, students will be taught how to create warm-ups and cool-downs.

Session 11 - Conclusions

You will be taken through a course-recap.