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I’m not sure if you’re a coach or a fighter, or just thinking about getting into MMA, but I am sure that you’re on a very unique path. It’s unique because fighters are not normal people; they may have normal jobs, like accounting, engineering, or plumbing, but what sets them apart is that they are willing to risk their body, pride and image to compete in a cage; that is unique. But have you ever thought about why you do it?

Why do you fight? This question really forms the foundation of everything that you do in MMA; it influences your motivation in training, and your willpower in the fight. If you can get associated with this reason, your mental strength will grow immeasurably.

If you can get associated with why you fight, your mental strength will grow immeasurably.

Have you ever thought about why you fight? Or what drives you to fight? People have all sorts of reasons. Maybe you fight because you like beating people up, or worse, you like getting beat-up! Maybe you fight to earn a living or to raise extra income and improve your standard of living. Maybe fighting gives you an adrenaline rush. Maybe you fight because MMA is considered an extreme sport and it satisfies your need for excitement, adventure, or competition. What’s your reason?

  • To earn a living/raise extra income and improve your standard of living
  • For the adrenaline rush
  • To satisfy your need for excitement, adventure, or competition
  • Makes you feel significant i.e. fame
  • To connect with people that share similar interests
  • To build confidence
  • To challenge, measure, or test yourself against others
  • To gain the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from working towards a goal, and the competition of trying to achieve that goal

Maybe it makes you feel significant, or you fight for the fame that follows professional athletes. Maybe you fight to connect with people with similar interests, to make friends, meet ring girls or date strippers. What’s your reason? Think about it. Maybe MMA builds your confidence, or maybe you fight to challenge or measure, or test yourself against others. MMA offers an extreme physical and mental challenge that many consider to the ultimate form of competition. Maybe you fight to gain the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from working towards a goal, and the competition of trying to achieve that goal.

 Take a few moments to consider why you fight. Write your answer down on a piece of paper and place it in your kit bag. Whenever you’re feeling demotivated, take it out and read it. This should help you get your head back in the fight.

Becoming associated with why you fight is an important step towards reaching your full potential, but there are a number of reasons that many fighters give for not reaching theirs.  A few of the more common ones are listed in the table below.

  • I didn’t have enough time to train properly (this is probably the number one answer; but most people always expand their work to meet the deadline they have).
  • I didn’t have enough money to pay for experts or to buy the things I needed for success.
  • I didn’t have the experience or knowledge to do it by myself.
  • I didn’t have the right network or know the right people.
  • I didn’t achieve my goals/potential because someone (i.e. coach, training partners) didn’t help me enough.
  • I couldn’t find the right information/there just isn’t any information out there that can help me (i.e. on scientific training in MMA)
  • I didn’t have the technology, equipment or facilities.
  • I didn’t have the desire

All of the reasons listed in the table above are related to resources, so the main reason why many fighters or sportsmen fail to reach their full potential is because they don’t perceive they have the resources to succeed. But resources are never really the problem because if you’re committed enough, or determined enough, you can always find a way. For this reason, your mental state is the ultimate resource, and mastering MMA is about mastering yourself, not your opponent. Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous mountaineer who first reached the summit of Mount Everest, along with Tenzing Norgay, said that ‘it is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves’.

It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves

sir Edmund Hillary

Understanding why you fight and harnessing your mental resources will help you reach your full potential on fight day. These simple strategies are just a few examples of a larger process that is presently employed by the MMA Training Bible, the ultimate purpose of which is to build your focus and drive on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more about these goal setting strategies, check out our free course: The MMA Training Bible’s Step-By-Step Guide to Goal Setting

You can also access the entire course on our YouTube channel here.

This course is all about applying science and giving you the tools and systems that will improve your performance on fight day. In this online video training course, you’ll first explore why you fight. This is not something a lot of fighters think about, but if you can get associated with it, your strength will grow immeasurably. Next, you will use the latest scientific tools from sports psychology to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the area of your technical development, physical conditioning and psychological skills. After this, you will go through a five-step process for creating compelling goals in all of these areas.

In this course you will reflect on where you are now in your MMA career, but more importantly, you’ll think about where you want to go. This will give you a compelling reason to jump out of bed every morning and you’ll be pumped to train. This level of motivation and drive is essential in MMA because it’s such a physically and mentally demanding sport. So if you’re looking to get an edge against other fighters, take advantage of this course now.

 I hope to see you over there,

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