The Fighter’s Edge: Exploring Bioenergetics in MMA Training

Mixed Martial Arts is not just a test of strength and skill, but also a demanding energy marathon. Recognizing the crucial role of bioenergetics in MMA, Dr. Jason Gillis presents a transformative online video training course: “The Bioenergetics of MMA.” This course dispels common myths and illuminates the science behind MMA training, empowering fighters with the knowledge to optimize their performance in the cage.

The core objective of this ten-part series is to delve into the Science of MMA, focusing on the essentials of energy expenditure, both anaerobic and aerobic metabolism, and the nuances of high-intensity interval training versus traditional low-intensity methods. By the end of this course, fighters and coaches will not only understand how the body converts food into energy but also how different energy systems work in harmony to fuel performance.

Key learning objectives include understanding the currency of energy production, recognizing the mechanisms behind fatigue during high-power efforts, and identifying how to target specific energy systems in training. This comprehensive exploration covers everything from the basics of energy metabolism to the intricate details of the ATP-PCr system, anaerobic glycolysis, aerobic energy systems, and maximal aerobic fitness.

Moreover, the course links breathing patterns to energy systems, guiding fighters on how to enhance performance through targeted training. The course culminates in an in-depth look at periodization for MMA, offering structured fight plans across various phases, including the general preparatory phase, fight-specific phase, fight camp, taper, and transition.

Each session is meticulously designed to build upon the previous, ensuring a holistic understanding of MMA bioenergetics. Whether it’s learning about the burn from anaerobic glycolysis in Session 3, mastering the art of endurance in Session 10, or comprehending the nuances of high-intensity interval training in Session 7, this course is a goldmine of information for any serious MMA fighter or coach.

By participating in this course, fighters will gain invaluable insights into how to best develop endurance in MMA, matching specific workouts to energy systems, and creating effective recovery workouts, warm-ups, and cool-downs. This course is more than just a training guide; it’s a roadmap to unlocking peak performance and achieving lasting success in the demanding world of MMA.

Don’t let misconceptions and myths limit your potential. Start the “Bioenergetics of MMA” training course today, and transform your approach to MMA training. Embrace this opportunity to learn from Dr. Jason Gillis and step into the cage with confidence, armed with the power of science-backed training strategies.

Check out first session below:


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